The upper house

Well, the house on top is starting to take shape. The carpenters got a few days of fine weather this week and they have all but completed the high level framing.

Northern wall of the top floor

Northern wall of the top floor

These guys are so good with their electric saws and nail guns. One fellow cuts the studs and noggins while the others nail’em together, to form the wall frames. They attach the bracing straps, stand the frames up, nail’em down, square ’em up and set them plumb. It happens so quick.

See? That's quick.

See? That’s quick.

Looks pretty hugh from down here

Looks pretty high from down here

That’s where they finished up on this Friday afternoon. The ceiling joists for the flat ceiling are all in place and we are ready for the roof.

Ladder access

Ladder access

In the picture above, the framing for the window has been left out so that the boys can get access via the ladder.

The kitchen

The kitchen

In the picture above, we see the kitchen area with the dropped ceiling. The laundry and toilet are behind it.

Seen below is the view from the living room window of the upper floor.

Living room window

Living room window

More soon, as we wait for the high level scaffolding to be erected to allow the roof works to commence.


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