Big poles

A few changes to report.

Firstly, we now have the full complement of windows in the top house.

The glass is in

The glass is in

More glass is going in at the end of next week in the main house. The scaffolding on the East side of the house has been lowered to the correct level to allow for the safe installation of the panes and sliders.

As well as that, we have had the the entire pre wiring job completed. in the downstairs house. Power, light, TV and data cables are all run. We are ready for the ceiling and wall cladding.

A substantial change to the look of the place, comes from the installation of the bush poles which form the verandah supports. They are the same thick, chunky poles that the entire house sits on.

Front poles

Front poles

Side poles

Side poles

With the poles installed, the next step is the verandah decking. The framework for this will be going in during this coming week.

We were visited by Travis, from Bunbury Designer Cabinets and Furniture, during the week. He has made the final measurements and calculations for all the cabinet works in the top house. The cabinets are in production as we speak.

Maryanne has also been busy, selecting the floor coverings for the top house and its balcony, along with all the ceramic tiles. We have all the window treatments, ready to be installed, once these jobs are done.

Drenching rain during the week, prevented the completion of the roofing, flashings and guttering. The weather forecast is favourable for that to happen in the coming days.

That fine weather should enable the painter to paint the eaves and barges. Once that’s done, the scaffold gets packed away for good.

That’s it. Seeya next week.



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