More windows

We did a quick tidy up of the site, around and under the house, to make space for the next lot of mess. The last few days of rain, have settled all the dust.

Late last week, the glazier was back and we now have the full complement of glass in the Alfresco area. Well, almost. There are 3 half size glass louvres that were left out of the package.

Rear glass and bifold doors

Rear glass and bifold doors

The louvres

The louvres

We couldn’t wait for the alfresco area to be completed, so we have put in a few temporary items to make our life here a bit more enjoyable while the build is happening.  The old barbecue is in there, along with the old plastic table and chairs. A couple of portable lights, table and a small radio/CD player and we’re ready to party.


The party room

The rain has kept the trades away these last two days but we have been promised some action tomorrow with the return of the carpenters, and painter. The tiler will also join us to start on all the ceramic tiling.




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