The lights are on!

AND  we’ll soon be home!

Anybody home?

Anybody home?

Anyone who thinks that this is not a thrilling moment, just doesn’t appreciate how far we have come in this great project.  We are delighted and excited.

Thanks to Steve’s great electricians, namely our son Steven of SP Electrical, ably assisted by our other son, Russell, of Smart Design Electrical, along with apprentice Cameron, (Camo).

The balcony ceiling lights

The balcony ceiling lights

The light and power for the upstairs house is now complete and working on a temporary feed from the site power outlet.

The downstairs light and power outlets have all been prepared as well. They will be fitted off as well as soon as the Gyprock people have patched and flushed and the painter has done the inside painting.

Ceiling lights.

Ceiling lights.

We’ve just heard that the upstairs house cabinet works will be complete this week. The intention is to have them installed next week.

Can’t wait.



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