Catching breath

The week saw Rob, the tiler back here. He has now essentially finished the ceramic tiling work. Just some skirting tiles downstairs and kitchen splashback tiles upstairs, along with the upstairs balcony floor tiles remain to be done.  The finish on his work is nothing short of superb. This man knows his stuff.

Steve, our builder came down for the weekend and loaded a lot of scaffold to take back to Perth. He’ll be back for another load, later this week. More importantly, while he was here, we went over the whole project and noted what was still to be done. Steve will now generate the timeline and plan for the rest of the build.

From this we are very encouraged that we may be moving into the upstairs house by the end of this month. This will be a tremendous moment for us, as yours truly has lived onsite for most of the last 12 months in the shed and adjacent caravan. Maryanne has also spent nearly half of the year here as well, under the same conditions. As winter sets in the of a wood fire in the shed and electric blanket in the caravan are being put to daily use. It will be a huge relief for both of us, to have a solid,  quiet, insulated place to stay.

We are at the stage now, where several trades can work concurrently on the site. This will really propel us towards that long awaited finish line.

No photos this week. We’ll do them next time.



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