Cupboards and tiles

It has been quiet here, on the blog, as we attended to funerals and cleanups, etc but things have been progressing on the building back here in Binningup. The weather in the last few weeks has been nothing short of revolting. Wind, rain and cold have really had a serious impact on the progress of the project.

Brad the plumber has hooked up a small temporary hot water system and fitted off the upstairs shower and toilet. Wow. What luxury. As we are sleeping in the upstairs house, it is a real pleasure, to not have to go all the way to the facilities in the shed. We await, with great anticipation the connecting of the kitchen, bathroom and laundry sinks.

Travis, our cabinet man has also been busy. He has fitted the cabinets to the downstairs wet areas and cut in the basins, ready for Brad to connect to the plumbing.


Ensuite vanity



Our ceramic artist, Rob, is here, as I type, finishing all the ceramic tiling.  He has done all the floor edging tiles, the vanity splashbacks and the upstairs kitchen splashback. You can see his craft in the photo above and the one below.

Upstairs kitchen

Upstairs kitchen, pre grouting

All these areas will be grouted sealed and complete by Friday.

Also Rob’s project, is the upstairs balcony. The tiling of this will mean that the downstairs alfresco area will finally be watertight. Yippee.

Rob, laying them down

Rob, laying them down



I will publish a couple more pics of this part, when it is done and grouted. We will then see, that the ceramic balcony tiles, match, almost exactly, the interior vinyl tiles, making for a seamless entry and exit to the upstairs house.



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