Saturday update

Brad, our plumber, along with his dad, Rob, also a plumber, spent all of Saturday, here. You remember Rob. He got a mention, along with pictures, way back at the start, when the septic tanks, leach drains and stormwater soak wells were installed.

Well, they managed to finish the kitchen sink, the laundry trough, and the 2 downstairs toilets, plus a vanity unit.

The main kitchen sink drainage was the challenge of the year. This is normally a pretty simple and menial task for any plumber but not in this case. You see, directly below the sink, we (Maryanne) decided that we would locate the kitchen waste bins in that drawer. This means that there is very limited space between the bottom of the sink basins and the top of the bins in the drawer. Therefore, getting those waste pipes in there, joiningt them up and coupling them through the P trap, as well as allowing for the dishwasher runoff was quite a big ask. On top of that, there were the connections for the sink tap hoses, the isolation taps and power point for the dishawsher, all in the same small space.

I can tell you, the finished pipework looked more like something you’d see in a brass musical ensemble. For Brad to create this and for his father to construct it and get it all to fit, was nothing short of marvellous. Thanks fellas. You done good today.


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