Into more hot water

A bit more activity this last week.

The good news is that we are slowly moving into the downstairs house. The bathrooms and laundry cupboards are now full, as are our wardrobe and the kitchen pantry. Maryanne has moved a mountain of stuff into her craft room and some furniture, including beds and cupboards have found their new home. This is much to the relief of the garage, which had the entire contents of our recently sold, Marmion home stored in it. With a bit of reaarranging and stacking of boxes, we would almost be able to swing a cat in there now. I won’t post a picture of that or the cat.

More good news. We have replaced the temporay 50 litre electric storage hot water system, with the lates and greatest, heat pump system by Sanden, supplied by URECO and installed by their main man, Martin Mulcahy, who happens to be our next door neighbour. Pretty handy, that is.

Sanden heat pump HWS

Sanden heat pump HWS

Another step forward, has been the internal cladding of the Alfresco room. This happened last week and the guys will return soon to sand it all smooth, ready for painting.



Alfresco store room

Alfresco store room

Our son Steven, also put in an appearance and commissioned more of the elctrical system in the downstairs house. One more visit, once the Alfresco is painted, should see the end of his work here.

Yours truly has also been active. I’ve been preparing and connecting the TV cabling. Installing blinds and curtains. I have put in the ducting for all the exhaust fans and installed range hoods and ducting. I have also mounted the air conditioner, indoor and outdoor units,  for the upstairs house. I will pipe it up and commission it over the next few days, when the roof promises to be dry.

Air conditioner

Air conditioner

Also visible, in the picture above, is the remote fan unit for the downstairs kitchen range hood. Its that dark round thing beside the windows.

Mozi, the painter, did some more work as well. You also can see where he has been, in the picture above.

Our wardrobes are all complete. I would have showed them off but we have an issue with the colour. Happily, we’re working on a resolution to that, as I type.

What’s next? Carpenters. We need them to come and put in the Alfresco store room door and all the skirting boards. They need to finish off the ballustrading and a few minor bits and pieces as well.

The main room’s floorcovering is still outstanding. We’re waiting on word from the Myalup sawmill, to say that the Marri boards are ready for us. Then it needs to be laid, sanded and sealed.

Then, we have the myriad of sundry items like towel rails, mirrors, shower screens, etc and a final paint touch up.

Who’s coming to the house warming? We gotta start thinking about that soon.


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