Still at it

Yes, we’re still here and things are still happening, albeit very slowly but that is largely due to ourselves.

We are finally ready to go ahead with the laying of our Marri floor in the main room of the house. We pick up the timber this week and then it will be laid, sanded and sealed, next week. I’ll definitely get the camera out again and post some nice pics of the progress and finished floor.

Ater that, we will have the trades returning to fit the skirting boards and finish off the painting and do a few other finishing touches.

Negotiations for the 5kW solar power installation have been completed. The installation date will be confirmed as soon as we cough up the deposit.

We will have the earthmoving people in to replace the soil in the front yard and construct a new driveway down the side of the house, where the old crushed limestone one is. This will run all the way to the back shed and will also provide access and parking for guests using the upstairs house.

We’ll be back soon.


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