Panels & Driveway

The last two weeks have been spent chasing away the clouds. We’ve had a 5.5kW solar power system fitted to the shed roof and we are savouring every precious moment of winter sunshine.

The array

Fifteen of the panels are aimed North and seven panels to the South. The company which sold us the deal, gave us one free panel to make up for the lost efficiency from not having the South side panels on tilt brackets. We agreed that it looks a lot better like this.

A new rainwater tank has been delivered and is now mounted behind the shed. The filtration and pump system are currently being installed. This will bring us filtered and sterilised drinking water to a second tap on the laundry trough. We have been drinking the scheme water for several months now and we arereally quite desperate to start drinking good clean rain water again.

We have had a local earthmoving contractor install our new auxillary driveway. The guys spent the day laying and compacting the red clay/gravel driveway. They also levelled and cleared the front yard and drilled a 600mm diameter and 1.8m deep hole, ready for Alek’s radio mast in the back yard. The hole is beneath the sheet of corrugated iron, on the ground, in the picture above.

Driveway No 2

Just before the man packed his bobcat away, we had him scoop out a hole in the front yard for a Blackboy to be planted. It is visible, in the shadows, at the front of the house, in the picture below.

The hole

Steve, our builder came down last week as well, as did the carpenter and painter. We are happy to say that we are all but finished with this project, as far as the building contract and local council requirements are concerned. Just two or three final tidy up pieces to go.

Yep. We’re certainly pleased with that.

17 Coronation Drive, Binningup.

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