A year

Well, it’s Alek’s birthday today and that marks a year since we moved into our house.

There is still so much to do before we can call it finished. The list of jobs seems to be getting bigger rather than reducing  but we’re more than happy to be plodding along, doing bits and pieces, to make it our home.

With the passing of this anniversary, it is now time to formally offer our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to Steve Fisher of Contour builders, for bringing our dream to reality.

Steve selected and employed a great team of contractors and suppliers to bring the project to completion. We are happy to say, that we are still friends with Steve and his wife, Michelle. We have also developed friendships and associations with many of the contractors and their families. We consider that pretty special.

So, thank you Steve and team. You have been very tolerant and attentive to our needs. The finished product is superb. Maryanne and I are delighted with every aspect of our beautiful home. When people ask us about our builder, we have only good words to say.

Check out Contour Builders and all the other contractors in the “Our Team” section of this blog.

Thanks and cheers to everyone who looked in on us over the last couple of years to see our progress.

Alek and Maryanne Petkovic

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