A few additions

Well, it seems that Winter is approaching fast. The nights are getting cooler, so we have taken the plunge andinstalled a nice wood fire in the main room. It is a Lopi Republic 1750. A 200kg monster that took a lot of muscle to get to it’s final resting place. Thanks to Mark Davis for his great installation work. Mark is the owner of Hearth House Mandurah, the company that supplied the fire.

Lopi fire

The chimney

Also, as Winter means storms and storms mean lots of wind, we have made an effort to stop the sand from being blown out from under the house and being piled up in a mound along the eastern boundary fence. To that end, we have used Colorbond corrugated steel sheeting to close off underneath the verandahs. We may go with some other materials to do the job in the future but for now, the tin sheets will provide good protection.

Back walkway

Side verandah

Oh, the picture above reminded me that we came upon some very thick rope recently. We thought it would enhance the decor, so we have draped it around the side and back verandahs using stainless steel supports. Each end of the rope has been pressed into old cray pot buoys which we found washed up on the beach. Both pictures above show the buoys.


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