Still at it

A few more progress pics.

We did away with the tin letter box on a stick and installed something a bit more substantial.

Number 17

In the last couple of weeks, we have hooked up the new 2000L rain water tank, located behind the shed. Did it just in time too. We had a couple of days of good rain and the tank is now full. We have a cartridge filter on the outlet, followed by a UV filter. These two get rid of 100% of any possible nasty stuff in the collected water. After filtration, it we have a 30L beer keg, as a reservoir. The outlet of the keg is connected to an automatic pump. As time and energy permit, we will run a 1″ underground pipe from the pump to a second tap on our laundry trough. From there, we take it in jugs and put it in our bench top “Nikken Pi Mag” water filter system. From there we drink it.

Our drinking water (Work in progress)

Those who know our history will remember that we had a Golden Retriever dog named Charlie, who used to love coming to Binningup. Probably his favourite pastime was relaxing under the big tree, watching the world go by. We used to say “Charlie’s working.” Here he is, hard at it, with a couple of skilled helpers.

Charlie at work

Well, it has taken many years but we have kept our promise to recognise Charlie and the area under the tree.

Charlie’s Workshop

Whilst we are hanging around the tree, we can tell you that we have had a face in the tree, for a good few years. Our grandghildren are delighted with it. Well, when we hung the decorative rope around the verandah, Alek cut off the frayed end of the rope. Our brother in law, Barry, (pictured above as one of Charlie’s helpers) suggested we adorn the face in the tree with some hair. We thought that would be fun, so here he/she is. The grandchildren still like it.

The face




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