The Alfresco

The alfresco, entertaining area has been an ongoing work in progress by us. To save money, we decided that we would absolve the builder and take care of everything inside this room, as time and money permitted.

Well, happily, over the last few days, we completed the area, to our satisfaction.

Remember those non-white robe doors and frames?  See the “Wardrobe doors” post below. Well, we got to keep them and we were able to cut them down and fit them in, undertneath the benchtop in our alfresco area. Whilst they are still that old colour, we are quite ok with the look and very pleased with the price.

Under bench storage

Doors all fitted

All our appliances, like ice maker, crab pot, crab gas burner, bbq top pizza maker, induction cooktop, soda stream, wok, pans, toaster, dehydrator, fermenting crock, etc, etc, all fit nicely into the cupboard space below the bench and they are all safely hidden from view.

The old cane fishing basket on the wall, belonged to Alek’s uncle, Karl. It holds our stock of stubbie holders, to keep our patrons’ beer nice and cool.

Now a couple of views of the completed room.

The telly

Ready for the crowd

Let the sunshine in

Ooh! What’s with the grim reaper, in the picture above? Nah, don’t panic, That is Alek’s father’s scythe. It was used, along with axe, pick and shovel, to originally clear and maintain the block, in the early years, from 1961

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