Wardrobe doors

Well, it has been a long, long wait, to get the wardrobe doors that we originally asked for.

During the fit out of the house interior, there was a mix up, which resulted in us getting the incorrect coloured wardrobe doors installed.

We had ordered plain white and this is what we got.

Is this white?

There were 6 wardrobes, totalling 15 doors, affected by this error.

Happily, on the day before Easter, the wardrobe people came and installed all new frames and doors. They mad a particularly good job of it, considering the difficulties involved in removing the old farmes, without damaging the walls or paintwork.

The new ones are white, just like we always wanted and boy, do they make a difference to the look of every room.

Here’s a sample from one of the upstairs guest bedrooms.

Yeah. This is white.

Thanks to the good people from Canterbury Robes, in Wangara.

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