Who are we?

We are Maryanne and Alek Petkovic.

Maryanne is a early childhood teacher, working part time these days.

Alek is a retired telecommunications technician, gasfitter and air conditioning contractor.


Where are we?

We are in sunny Binningup, Western Australia.


Why are we here?

We want to spend our years in retirement here and have a great place for our children and their children to visit and enjoy.


The dog in the picture?

That’s Charlie, our Golden Retriever, who for all of his 14 years, enjoyed Binningup more than anything else in the world.

Sadly, Charlie has moved on to the big kennel in the sky. A plaque, worded “Charlie’s Workshop” will be placed under the big pine, when our new home is finished.

Some of his busiest times were spent snoozing and watching the world go by, under that tree.

One thought on “About

  1. Alek and Maryanne, thanks for sending the link to your blog, it gives an even closer insight into your retirement plans and the great lifestyle that awaits you both. In the meantime stay warm:)
    Cheers Paul C.


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